Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Sunday, 3/5/17 Summary

We started preparing for our Shabbat class service scheduled for Friday, May 12. Morah Emily met us in the sanctuary and helped the students to feel comfortable with the prayers they selected to lead. We hope you and your extended families and friends will be able to join us and kvell at this special service.

Our tzedakah box was full so we did a little math and counted the money. Total=$33.01 if our counting was accurate! Thank you to everyone who has been contributing, and please continue to remind your children to do this important mitzvah. They have some wonderful ideas of where the money should go!

We ended our day by catching up in our books on any chapters or activities they may have missed, and then played "When I go to Israel, I'm going to bring. . . . "

Hope to see you all next Sunday, March 12 at 9 am for our interactive Megillah reading, followed by a Purim Carnival at 10:30. This is an event for the whole family; students must be accompanied by a caregiver. And please come in costume! Remember: It's Purim--Be Happy! And a little crazy, too!

Morah Debbie

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Sunday 1/22 summary

We had a wonderful class today, full of creativity, working together, and preparation for two exciting events: Rabbi Meyer's 25th anniversary with our temple, and the third grade Shabbat service.

I presented the class with two ideas for gifts we could make for the Rabbi, and after choosing the activity they liked, they worked together to brainstorm ideas and then work on their projects. The children accomplished a lot in just an hour, and we have plenty of time to finish their creations in the coming months.

After the service with Rabbi Meyer, where we heard more of our story and prayed and sang, the children met with Morah Emily to choose the prayers and songs they'd like to lead in their Shabbat Service scheduled for Friday night, May 12. Please mark your calendars and plan to be there with your family and friends to kvel and be proud!

Have a good week, Morah Debbie

Monday, December 12, 2016

Sunday 12/11/16 class summary

We continued our study of Hanukkah, and read the chapter aloud in various ways to include the entire class. We learned about how the dreidel looks different in Israel (hint: the miracle happened in Israel) and had fun playing the dreidel game. Chocolate Hershey kisses are always a hit as the prize!

Last Sunday, the class worked hard and quietly enough so we could all think and be heard. It's a big class, with a lot of wonderful socialization, but we need quiet when we're working and learning. So last Sunday, they did it! I challenged them to have another Sunday like that, when I didn't have to ring my "quiet bell" and they did it again today!

At the beginning of our service, the Rabbi explained the "uniform" some Jews wear to pray. He shared very interesting information about the kippah and talis are worn and why. We ended with a Hanukkah song.

Music with Spencer was enlightening and fun as usual, covering both Shabbat and Hanukkah. In January, our new elective will be Art, which is always a popular activity.

Next Sunday we start school at 10:00 for our Family Education program about "Fiddler on the Roof" and hope everyone will be able to be there. Lunch will follow the program, and then the bus will leave for Watertown for the play. Even if you aren't coming to the play, please still try to join us at 10:00 for the fun and very educational program we have planned.

Have a good week,
Morah Debbie

Monday, December 5, 2016

Sunday, Dec. 5 summary

Shalom, Parents:

We had a lot of fun learning about what I think is the everyone's favorite holiday--Hanukkah! First we brainstormed in small groups and listed everything we knew about the holiday, and then we shared our lists with the class. You'll be happy to know that the children wrote about giving as well as receiving gifts, and also were familiar with the reason we celebrate Hanukkah, how we celebrate, as well as special foods we eat.

The dreidel game provided lots of excitement and also an opportunity to review some of the Hebrew letters we've learned! I provided pennies and dreidels and the competition was loud and fun. One child asked if this was gambling, and I replied that it wasn't because they don't keep the pennies; I do. Everyone was rewarded with Hershey kisses, though.

Music with Spencer focused on wrapping up our study of Shabbat, and also featured a fun team-building game. Next Sunday he plans to teach the Hanukkah blessings and some Hanukkah songs.

Enjoy your week,

Morah Debbie

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Nov. 20 Summary

We had a full house today with only 4 students absent! Your children listed what they knew about Shabbat on the board, then read aloud in pairs or small groups as we finished the Shabbat chapter in our books and put the Shabbat sticker on the treasure trail. The children are familiar with why we celebrate Shabbat, how we welcome Shabbat and end Shabbat, prayers we say, and Shabbat symbols. 

Our music elective with Moreh Spencer provided some more experiential learning about Shabbat with songs, prayers, and using our senses as we learned more about havdalah and once again smelled the wonderful baseman (spices) used to say goodbye to Shabbat. A few movement activities with song added to the fun, as did a team building exercise involving juggling and catching tennis balls!

Hope you and yours have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving,

Morah Debbie

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Sunday, 11/6/16

Next time you come to the temple, be sure to check out the school bulletin board across from the temple office. It's our turn to display our work, and your children outdid themselves! Our theme for this year is Hebrew and Jewish Holidays, and they used their creativity to create quite a display. According to my tally, Hanukkah was the holiday of choice, and the smiling letter samech the most popular Hebrew letter. Ask your children to show you their creations--many made two!

Music with Spencer gave us a chance to learn more Shabbat prayers and songs. Spencer taught a song and discussed  how very observant Jews celebrate Shabbat, and the children imagined how it would be to observe Shabbat without any television, computers, or driving anywhere.

Morah Liz loaned us a beautiful Havdalah set and Spencer explained the braided candle with many wicks, kiddush cup, and spice box. We smelled the wonderful besamin (spices), held out our hands and looked at the reflection of the candle's glow on our fingernails, and heard the hiss as he put out the flame by dipping it into the wine.

Our star children (helpers) were Jesse and Jamison today.

No school next Sunday due to Veteran's Day.

Have a good week,

Morah Debbie

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Sunday Oct. 30 Summary

Today we continued learning about our Jewish fall holidays. The students finished their Sukkot chapter and added yet another sticker to their holiday sticker trail. We talked about how Thanksgiving is the first Sukkot, and brainstormed ways to incorporate Sukkot into our Thanksgiving celebration this year. Ask your kids if they'd like to decorate your dining room with paper chains, or the table with fruits like the pomegranate, maybe even a lulav and etrog! They also thought adding a Hebrew prayer like Hamotzi would be a nice touch.

Our elective, Music with Spencer, was a lot of fun. We used our siddur to learn "Lecha Dodi"  and discussed the meaning of the Shabbat Bride. Spencer also treated us to some fun movement songs and team building exercises to help our class continue to learn and work together. Our next holiday to study is Shabbat.

Star children were Asher and Jeff. Everyone will have a chance on Sundays to be a star child and pass out books, pencils, notices, etc. and be an overall helper. We're going alphabetically by last names, from Z to A.

Enjoy your week,

Morah Debbie