Sunday, October 30, 2016

Sunday Oct. 30 Summary

Today we continued learning about our Jewish fall holidays. The students finished their Sukkot chapter and added yet another sticker to their holiday sticker trail. We talked about how Thanksgiving is the first Sukkot, and brainstormed ways to incorporate Sukkot into our Thanksgiving celebration this year. Ask your kids if they'd like to decorate your dining room with paper chains, or the table with fruits like the pomegranate, maybe even a lulav and etrog! They also thought adding a Hebrew prayer like Hamotzi would be a nice touch.

Our elective, Music with Spencer, was a lot of fun. We used our siddur to learn "Lecha Dodi"  and discussed the meaning of the Shabbat Bride. Spencer also treated us to some fun movement songs and team building exercises to help our class continue to learn and work together. Our next holiday to study is Shabbat.

Star children were Asher and Jeff. Everyone will have a chance on Sundays to be a star child and pass out books, pencils, notices, etc. and be an overall helper. We're going alphabetically by last names, from Z to A.

Enjoy your week,

Morah Debbie

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