Sunday, November 6, 2016

Sunday, 11/6/16

Next time you come to the temple, be sure to check out the school bulletin board across from the temple office. It's our turn to display our work, and your children outdid themselves! Our theme for this year is Hebrew and Jewish Holidays, and they used their creativity to create quite a display. According to my tally, Hanukkah was the holiday of choice, and the smiling letter samech the most popular Hebrew letter. Ask your children to show you their creations--many made two!

Music with Spencer gave us a chance to learn more Shabbat prayers and songs. Spencer taught a song and discussed  how very observant Jews celebrate Shabbat, and the children imagined how it would be to observe Shabbat without any television, computers, or driving anywhere.

Morah Liz loaned us a beautiful Havdalah set and Spencer explained the braided candle with many wicks, kiddush cup, and spice box. We smelled the wonderful besamin (spices), held out our hands and looked at the reflection of the candle's glow on our fingernails, and heard the hiss as he put out the flame by dipping it into the wine.

Our star children (helpers) were Jesse and Jamison today.

No school next Sunday due to Veteran's Day.

Have a good week,

Morah Debbie

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