Sunday, November 20, 2016

Nov. 20 Summary

We had a full house today with only 4 students absent! Your children listed what they knew about Shabbat on the board, then read aloud in pairs or small groups as we finished the Shabbat chapter in our books and put the Shabbat sticker on the treasure trail. The children are familiar with why we celebrate Shabbat, how we welcome Shabbat and end Shabbat, prayers we say, and Shabbat symbols. 

Our music elective with Moreh Spencer provided some more experiential learning about Shabbat with songs, prayers, and using our senses as we learned more about havdalah and once again smelled the wonderful baseman (spices) used to say goodbye to Shabbat. A few movement activities with song added to the fun, as did a team building exercise involving juggling and catching tennis balls!

Hope you and yours have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving,

Morah Debbie

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