Monday, December 12, 2016

Sunday 12/11/16 class summary

We continued our study of Hanukkah, and read the chapter aloud in various ways to include the entire class. We learned about how the dreidel looks different in Israel (hint: the miracle happened in Israel) and had fun playing the dreidel game. Chocolate Hershey kisses are always a hit as the prize!

Last Sunday, the class worked hard and quietly enough so we could all think and be heard. It's a big class, with a lot of wonderful socialization, but we need quiet when we're working and learning. So last Sunday, they did it! I challenged them to have another Sunday like that, when I didn't have to ring my "quiet bell" and they did it again today!

At the beginning of our service, the Rabbi explained the "uniform" some Jews wear to pray. He shared very interesting information about the kippah and talis are worn and why. We ended with a Hanukkah song.

Music with Spencer was enlightening and fun as usual, covering both Shabbat and Hanukkah. In January, our new elective will be Art, which is always a popular activity.

Next Sunday we start school at 10:00 for our Family Education program about "Fiddler on the Roof" and hope everyone will be able to be there. Lunch will follow the program, and then the bus will leave for Watertown for the play. Even if you aren't coming to the play, please still try to join us at 10:00 for the fun and very educational program we have planned.

Have a good week,
Morah Debbie

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