Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Sunday, 3/5/17 Summary

We started preparing for our Shabbat class service scheduled for Friday, May 12. Morah Emily met us in the sanctuary and helped the students to feel comfortable with the prayers they selected to lead. We hope you and your extended families and friends will be able to join us and kvell at this special service.

Our tzedakah box was full so we did a little math and counted the money. Total=$33.01 if our counting was accurate! Thank you to everyone who has been contributing, and please continue to remind your children to do this important mitzvah. They have some wonderful ideas of where the money should go!

We ended our day by catching up in our books on any chapters or activities they may have missed, and then played "When I go to Israel, I'm going to bring. . . . "

Hope to see you all next Sunday, March 12 at 9 am for our interactive Megillah reading, followed by a Purim Carnival at 10:30. This is an event for the whole family; students must be accompanied by a caregiver. And please come in costume! Remember: It's Purim--Be Happy! And a little crazy, too!

Morah Debbie

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