Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Tuesday, 10/27 class summary

Your children are making excellent progress learning the alef bet, and are having lots of fun, too! They're becoming more familiar with our self-paced Hebrew learning program and how to check their own work, and coming to me with their questions and for help.

Homework is another way they can progress. I don't give a lot--just enough to expose their brains to Hebrew until our next Hebrew class. Just a few minutes, a few days a week will do it! I was so happy to see that many of the students remembered to do their homework and bring their homework folders to school so I could check it. To motivate them, I'll be giving a sticker every time they bring in their homework. The goal is to cover their homework folder in stickers!

Thank you for your help in reminding your children to do their Hebrew homework, helping them to find the time to do it, and bringing it to school. Please be assured that homework is a suggestion, not a requirement. If a child doesn't do it or forgets it, no problem. There's always next week!

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