Sunday, October 4, 2015

Sunday Class Summary, 10/4/15

Shalom, Parents:

Today was fun and busy! We began by making name tags, and all were quite colorful. Please send in your child's Hebrew name (transliteration is fine) so that we can share and learn those, too.

Since our Sunday curriculum is Jewish holidays, I asked the children to list all the Jewish holidays they knew. Then we divided into teams and played a game to identify the holidays. You should have seen everyone working together, racing to the blackboard, and even breaking sticks of chalk because they were writing so quickly! The children also had time to take a quick look at their new holiday books.

The service at 10:00 featured Sukkot learning with the Rabbi and another special treat--the  special baby-naming ceremony for Morah Liz's little girl.

Our special enrichment activity for the next few classes is Technology with Morah Jill. Today, she helped them to choose a fall holiday and brainstorm ideas for the trailer they will make. She also brought in the school's iPads and helped the children learn how to use them. I hope that everyone will be able to be in class the next two Sundays so they'll all participate in this fun and exciting class project. You'll be able to view their final product, too--more information to follow.

I look forward to seeing everyone this Tuesday, when we'll start to learn Hebrew in a fun, no-pressure setting. I do serve a small snack on Tuesdays (pretzels, cheddar goldfish, etc.) so please let me know if your child has any special dietary needs. Please remember that there is no Sunday school Oct. 11.

Enjoy your week,

Morah Debbie

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