Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Tuesday, Oct. 20 class summary

We began with the Alef Bet song to refresh our memories, then started to work in the Mitkadem, Ramah 1 workbooks. The children learned how to identify, pronounce, and write some Hebrew letters, as well as recognize some beginning words such as Shabbat. Letters that they've learned so far include shin, bet, tav, lamed, resh, and chet. Everyone was engrossed in their work and enjoyed being able to check their own answers and learn at their own pace. My madricha (helper) Claire and I were on hand to answer any questions.

Last Tuesday I sent home an alef bet chart. If the children look at this chart and point to each letter as they sing the alef bet song at home--just a few times during the week--it will help them to learn and remember the letters. Today, each child went home with a homework folder and a quick and fun assignment. If they can find a few minutes during their busy week to look at their Hebrew, they'll be pleasantly surprised with the results!

Morah Debbie

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