Sunday, September 25, 2016

Sunday, 9/25/16 Summary

Shalom Parents,

Today was a wonderful day: almost every student was here, everyone listened when someone else was talking so everyone could learn, and we accomplished a lot! The first hour, we learned about Rosh Hashanah through discussions and reading from our holiday book. The children then experienced the holiday up close and personal by seeing, touching, and even smelling my shofar and then chanting the shofar calls as I blew the shofar for them. We also enjoyed a little something sweet for the new year and dipped honey graham dippers into honey.

Our service with Rabbi Meyer explained how our temple was getting ready for the New Year, and we learned about the birthday cakes every family will receive and saw the hundreds of extra chairs set up in the social hall to accommodate everyone. Our professional shofar blower was there with his impressive curved shofar so the children saw how it's really done!!!!

The last hour, Morah Jill divided the class into groups to start working on their holiday videos. The children researched their holidays on iPads and chose 4 facts about their holiday--Rosh Hashanah, Sukkot, or Simhat Torah. They also took pictures of each other with the green screen, and started to select holiday images.

We finished our day by singing Israel's national anthem, "Hatikvah," and learning an Israeli dance called "Ack Shav" (Now let's go to Israel).

Thank you for helping your children to remember tzedakah.  Quite a few of the children are participating in this mitzvah, and our tzedakah box is filling up beautifully!

L'Shanah Tova u'Mitukah~A Sweet and Happy Year,

Morah Debbie

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