Monday, November 9, 2015

Sunday 11/8/15 class summary

We finished learning about Simhat Torah yesterday. Ask your children about the brainteaser: Name two people in every Torah. Answer: Noah, Abraham, Moses, or anyone mentioned in the Torah, because every Torah is the same!

Next I invited the children to each list something on the board that they knew about Hanukkah. I was amazed that no one mentioned presents, but rather actual facts about the holiday! Happily, there were still some new things for them to discover about this winter holiday: menorah means lamp in Hebrew, and the accurate word for the Hanukkah menorah is hanukkiyah. They also learned the meaning of the letters on the dreidel: nes gadol hayah sham--a great miracle happened there. Ask your children how the dreidels in Israel are different!

Please help:

1. The tzedakah money we collect during the next few weeks will be used to buy gifts for children from needy families. Please try to remind your kids to bring in a few coins and get in the habit of the mitzvah of bringing in tzedakah money to class on Sundays or Tuesdays. We have a class tzedakah box.

2.  Many children are doing their homework and bringing it back to school in their homework folders. I've asked them to try to spend just five minutes a day, five times a week with Hebrew. The homework is easy and fun, and will help them to learn their letters so they can read soon. I give a sticker for homework, but tomorrow--Tuesday--Morah Liz said students who bring in their homework may choose a prize from her famous prize basket! If that helps to motivate them, I'll see what I can do about having the prize basket make frequent appearances!

Thank you for your support,

Morah Debbie

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