Sunday, November 15, 2015

Sunday 11/15 summary

Your children may be asking you for money for our tzedakah box. We're trying to collect as much as possible for the SMARTY Mitzvah Shopping for the Northeast ARC. Morah Liz explained that last year, the gifts we bought for the children weren't typical gifts--no toys were requested, rather necessities like diapers, gloves, hats and other warm clothes, etc.

You've probably seen the fliers, but here are the details again: Third through twelfth graders  meet at the Vinnin Square Panera at 6 PM on Saturday, Dec. 5 for hot chocolate and cookies before shopping together at the local stores. It's a real feel-good mitzvah, and gives our children another way of looking at this holiday season.

We finished learning about Hanukkah today, finished our bulletin board creations, and played the dreidel game. We also dramatized the Hanukkah story.

Enjoy your week,

Morah Debbie

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