Wednesday, February 24, 2016

February 23, 2016

Hi Parents,
 Yesterday was my last Tuesday of subbing for Morah Debbie.   We finished reviewing all the prayers and readings that we might like to include in our class service.  It's a long list, especially because your children also will be writing their own prayer with Moreh Spencer.  In the coming weeks, as Moreh Spencer and I work with them on on the service, it will all come together!
 Because on Sunday we are going to the movies with ARC clients, we had a visitor today who explained to us about autism.  In the second session, we got to talk about the fact that preparing ourselves to know how to be kind to these children and their families can be a kind of prayer, since not all prayer comes from books.  I was struck by what good questions were asked by your children, and how many of them have had exposure to children with developmental disabilities.
 Be aware that your children did take homework today, and look for it, since I think you know that it requires your child reading to you.  They have been so proud to show me their parents' or grandparents' signatures on their work!
I look forward to meeting you this Sunday at the Warwick Theater!
Morah Emily

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